Wedding in Hydra Island

Once again, we found ourselves in the beautiful hydra island, for Marie and Geroge’s wedding. Secluded but not a buzzkill, Hydra can both soothe your nerves and awake the party animal within you! It is definitely the best option for someone who enjoys the best of both worlds.

The bride, accompanied by her dazzling white dress flowing in the wind, was blessed with such grace, that left the whole team in awe. It is only natural for the groom to be on the same level as his (now) wife, so his charming and endearing presence didn’t go unnoticed. They promised each other eternal love and now they’re bound for life.

To celebrate this union, proper festivities are required, and there couldn’t be a more perfect location for that other than Sunset.  Convenient and luxurious, it is the perfect match for diverse gatherings and endless dancing! 

 Nitta Mitsopoulou should certainly feal really proud of bringing all of this together and handling everything with such finesse and determination.

To Marie and George, we wish you everything and more, in your shared journey!

Wedding Planner Nitta Mitsopoulou

Venieu SunSet

Photographer Nicky Ekonomou


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