Christening in Pelion by Chris & Panos

An intimate christening at rustic Pelion, Greece.

It was a lovely, sunny day. Yellow as a theme color was everywhere like a touch of warm sunbeams. Simplicity entangled with liveliness and the freshness of a new life. Little Leo tipped his tiny toes into holy water at the historical church of Saint George in the heart of the Pelion mountain region, a very scenic place packed with nature and numerous small picturesque villages.

After the ceremony, the modest escort of little Leo accompanied him and his loving parents to the village of Milies where they all celebrated his special day with traditional pelian delicacies and live music. The place and the atmosphere there transferred us back to the old days when Greek people used to cook, dine, play music, and generally celebrate in their own houses, so it really felt like home. A traditional greek “glenti” as we would call it, with a more modern twist.

We loved filming the woods, stone accents, and happy people. Christina, Philippe, and Leo, thank you for having us!

A little something about Pelion:

Mythologically, it was the summer house of the Gods and birth home to the Centaurs. It is lush and packed with nature and it is actually a natural reserve due to rare and endangered species both in the flora and the fauna. It is a great place for a vacation in the mountains with lots of activities and sights, as well as on the beach, since it has a lot of choices and holds some of the most beautiful and clean waters in the Aegean. It holds cultural festivals and sits right next to Volos, one of the largest cities in central Greece. A place rich and real, with thriving agriculture and rich in history, Pelion is a great choice for traditional and contemporary experiences.


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